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Could Your Child Be Gifted?

Choice School News!

READ ALL ABOUT IT! – The first edition of the school newspaper produced by students. Click here to read it!.

Choice School was established as a non-profit private school for bright, creative and engaged students. We have a school philosophy that emphasizes academic excellence and enrichment, and student life skills development.

Our School Highlights

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2014 Destination Imagination Competition

This year the school’s Team Challenge is on the theme of survival and adaptation in an Extreme Environment (a deserted tropical island). The team has constructed its own props and written the play for the Team Challenge.

Student Achievements

Choice School’s student body is but a fraction of the size of the student populations both in BC and Canada yet our students receive a disproportionately large number of awards and placements.

Gifted Programs

Choice School’s programs are designed to enrich the academic experience for gifted children and bring out the giftedness in bright, creative and engaged students.

Choice School is a community where opportunities for learning in academics and life is supported by caring, supportive peers.